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Top Beaches For Tourists in Madagascar

Travelling to the most beautiful places in Africa is a dream and most people are accomplishing it with the help of Travunited. Madagascar is one of the best countries in Africa which one should definitely visit. When it comes to Africa, the first thought we get is wildlife, forests and nature. Here you will get to see everything that you have imagined. Madagascar has some of the best beaches in Africa, amazing wildlife and biodiversity that will amaze you. 

Madagascar has the best beaches that will make you go again and again. Going to these beaches will make you feel relaxed. This is the reason why people choose Madagascar for their vacation. Madagascar is known for its seafront —– it has more than any other African nation. This clear and crystal water of the Indian Ocean will give you the best beaches. Vacations are equal to beach trips and if you’re planning for one, Travunited will help you to the best deals over your stay and travel. It is very important to know about the places you are going to visit that save your time and lets you enjoy yourself with fewer worries. This blog will suggest some of the best and prime beaches in Madagascar, let’s start our exploration. 

1. Sainte Marie.

The tiny island of Sainte-Marie is situated on the northeastern coast of Madagascar. These beaches will make you feel as if you have stepped into heaven. The turquoise waters, white sand, and mysterious coves are the things that make it heaven. There are beaches where piracy has been witnessed in past years and the beach nearby is called Baie des Forbans. Also, you can find the island’s famous “Pirate Cemetery”. You will get to see some tombs adorned with the classic skull and symbol. 

2. Manafiafy.

Manafiafy is a beach that has something different to experience. It lies on the south coast of the island that is situated on a stunning, tree-lined bay that is not so crowded for visitors. On this beach, you can enjoy snorkelling and watersports such as kayaking. This has the best atmosphere and chills vibes that will make you feel relaxed. 

3. Mitsio Islands.

These Mitsio Islands are very famous as the “Maldives of Madagascar”. Due to the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and exotic wildlife, this is the best destination for your vacation. The beaches are very beautiful and enhance the beauty of Madagascar. 

4. Nosy Be.

Nosy Be is the most famous and well-known beach in Madagascar. It’s a huge island that is situated off the coast of Madagascar. It has plenty of beautiful beaches and is especially known as one of the few best places in the world. Here you may spot a rare Omura whale during peak whale watching season which is held from June to September. This beach is very expensive as it’s popular and crowded. 

There are plenty of things you can explore in Madagascar but while exploring you should know a few things that are important in terms of safety and security. Here we are going to mention some important things that are must know before planning a trip to Madagascar. Travunited will help you plan the best trip. Travunited is the best travel management company that is also known one-stop travel solution. 

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