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Amazing Things to do in Comoros

Comoros is a country that is way beyond your thinking. Don’t expect it to be a normal and typical destination spot. If you wish to drop off the face of the earth for some time and meet some outrageous locals to pass the time then get your bags ready to travel to Comoros. Here it is not possible to find a standard hallmark of tourism, this place is as remote as remote gets. 

People who have travelled here will tell you how this country is a paradise or gives you a feel of being in another world. You may experience tall banana trees and palm trees, ylang-ylang, and the scent of cloves in the air. The people here are Muslims and have a great Swahili influence, and the culture is rather traditional. When you go to a culture like this, there is no alcohol and the dress is modest. The country has this weird nickname, Cloud Coup-Coup that comes from its history of over 20 coups after achieving independence in 1975. 

If you are a beach fan and want to chill near see, there are four very well-groomed islands offering white sandy beaches. There are some hiking points, giant fruit bats, volcanoes, and more. Because the country has less tourism infrastructure so you better don’t expect navigating Comoros to be easy. There is a lot to experience in Comoros, let’s get to know about the best places and things to do in Comoros. 

1. Moheli.

Moheli is the smallest but the most fascinating of the Comoros Islands. If you want to explore something different, this place would be the perfect place. This place is completely wild and undeveloped that has very few inhabitants. It is a little backward and stuck with the past. The only national park in the country will be found here. If you’re a nature lover, it is a must-visit the place. 

2. Fomboni.

Fomboni is the largest city that is a quiet and unassuming little place. There is a street with no name through the town, a market, and a jetty that is very important to explore. The locals here are very reserved than the neighbour countries but for sure they will give you a friendly welcome. Fomboni is the best place to explore.

3. Anjouan.

This place is called Ndzouani by the locals and this Comorian island is full of fantasies. This place is also nicknamed “The Pearl of the Comoros” due to its Robinson Crusoe qualities. If you are looking for a place that is gorgeous, remote and unspoilt, this is the place where you can find peace. This place includes old Arab plantations and the scent of cloves. You may get to see ylang-ylang on every breeze. The locals here are very proud of their island. They are very hardworking and genuine in behaviour. Travel to the highlands to gain some cooler air and watch the mists roll across the rainforests.

4. Grande Comore.

Grande Comore is the largest of Comoros 60km across and 20km wide. It’s also known as the most developed with a very stable economy. Moroni is one of the most popular towns located on Grande Comore. As you are travelling Grande Comore, you may find the dark and intriguing solidified lava and the contrasting white sand beaches that make an incredible view to watch. This is the best place for honeymooners and couples who looking for a chill time from their busy time.

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